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Where has the Company Cell Phone Gone?

Why is the woman in the picture smiling, you ask? Well, because she’s about to drop that phone in the trash, and join the tech age.

PSA: the BlackBerry is dead and buried.

If you’re an employer spending company resources paying for your employees’ company cell phones, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s why the company cell is basically extinct (and should stay that way).

The Age of VoIP

The company-funded BlackBerry has become an antiquated investment thanks to the proliferation of VoIP for business. Phone service in the cloud goes where the analog system couldn’t—all the way across the globe. The right telecommunications provider completely eliminates the need for a work cellphone, because they can easily link your employees’ personal cell phones to their office phones. A VoIP mobile app allows for making and taking calls from personal cell phones using any of your business numbers. Receiving and sending text messages to and from your business number is especially handy for medical and legal offices who couldn’t otherwise use SMS/MMS messages to remind clients and patients of appointments.

Advanced VoIP servers allow for a level of security that’s just as high, if not higher, than separating personal and company phones. The ability to require password protection to access a company email server, and to wipe clean company information if the phone is ever lost is a piece of cake when you’re working in the cloud with us.


Carrying two phones is ridiculous. It’s even more ridiculous when you carry them both on a belt clip. Paying for your employees to wear two cell phones on their belt clips is the most ridiculous of all. Don’t be that boss.

Take a leap of faith toward the Internet.

Move forward, leave the BlackBerry where it lies, and join us in the cloud. We promise, it’s better up here.

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