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Why Add Additional Phone Numbers to Your Business

The telephone line is slowly becoming outdated. Every day, more and more businesses are discovering the beauty of having/using a VoIP system in their office. From visual voicemail and virtual receptionists to advanced phone technology such as our new Grandstream system, TeleVoIPs is outgunning and outclassing traditional PBX phones. But one of the true reasons to switch to TeleVoIPs is the ability to have multiple phone numbers for your business. The phone is the lifeblood of a business and your direct connection to your clients.

Gives the Impression of Size

Your potential clients can see that your business spans not only your area but also theirs’ as well.  TeleVoIPs impresses the size and stability of your business while also giving you credit for your target area. Even if the calls are being routed to your hub or your cell phone, your business can take advantage of adding a few additional numbers in non-local areas where you often do business.

Encourages Local Patronage

Not a lot of people like to call or receive calls from non-local numbers. Having numbers in the areas you’re calling provides credibility to your ability to serve them. When your customers can contact you with confidence, you gain the ability to target a demographic you would almost certainly lose otherwise.

Increased Call Volume

Nobody likes to hear a busy signal when calling a business. With multiple numbers, you can easily reroute incoming calls if the lines are tied and utilize your TeleVoIPs system to handle a large capacity of incoming calls without having to compromise your integrity with your client.

Multiple phone numbers are a great way to increase revenue. You may want to consider adding additional numbers in areas to maintain a presence in that market without having to maintain a physical presence putting a constraint on your business. Contact us today to get setup with a great TeleVoIPs system. Our IT team is ready to assist you with all of your business phone needs.

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