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Why You Should Be Tracking Call Statistics

No matter what industry they are in, most business managers and owners will say that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Call tracking helps all ventures, whether you’re a small business owner or marketer for a large corporation.  For a growing business, using phone call analytics is crucial for increasing efficiency and profitability. Measuring short- and long-term goals of individual employees and the company itself gives you the tools you need to provide optimal customer assistance and maintain customer retention. TeleVoIPs provides you those tools to track key performance indicators without becoming overwhelmed by the large amount of data gathered. Tracking key metrics provides important insights into customer experience, allowing you to equally emphasize quality and quantity. Having access to the knowledge and insight provided by call statistics allows you to make the right decisions, resulting in time and money saved.

Track your call stats for better performance output

Don’t Get Lost in The Numbers

It’s great to have data, no one can deny that; however, data is useless to you unless you can read it. TeleVoIPs call tracking metrics provide a clean and efficient user interface for all-in-one data tracking, giving you insights needed to make important decisions that will help you improve your customers’ experience.

A Smarter Sales Team Makes Smarter Sales Decisions

Having access to key sales metrics, call time and volume (among other statistics) will provide your team with vital information with which to modify sales tactics and marketing strategies. Call tracking helps you understand how customers reach you, whether they’re calling from ads on a website or on a billboard. It helps you determine which marketing methods lead to the most sales. All these metrics lead to the proof on ROI you need for yourself, your investors, clients, or boss.

Pure and Simple, Save Money

Tracking calls allows you to find which efforts lead to conversions, which then results in less wasteful spending. A greater understanding of how customers get to you results in huge financial rewards and benefits your business well into the future.

Data is power, and that power results in a better business, benefitting you and your customers. 65% of Fortune 500 companies say phone calls are their highest lead source, and 61% of local mobile searches result in a phone call. People want to talk to a person when making an important decision. TeleVoIPs provides your company the tools that lead to better company decisions, helping you give your customers the confidence they need to make their own important choices.

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