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Why You Should Give Up Your Smart Phone in Today’s Business World

It’s Simple. You Shouldn’t.

The introduction of the smartphone into our lives revolutionized day-to-day productivity. We simply function faster because of them. We keep up with multiple email accounts, face-to-face conference with coworkers across the country, and order pizzas using emojis.

Why doesn’t your business phone system allow you to do the same?

Your desk phone is an integral part of your business’ brand and reputation. Missed calls equal missed opportunities for growth, and inevitably, disgruntled clients. Even so, business phones seem left by the wayside in the midst of the tech revolution.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services translate the apps that keep your smartphone (and you) operating at your best, to work effectively for your whole office.


If you own a business, client-office communication probably functions in large part because of your phone service and email. A hosted voice solution integrates the two. Meaning, your voicemails will be transcribed directly to your email inbox, so you can read them at your convenience.


Less people make actual voice-to-voice calls than ever before. Rather, a text message is often your potential client’s first line of communication. VoIP capabilities allow your office’s existing phone number to receive the texts you never even realized you were missing.


We all think we know where we’re going, but realistically Siri and Google dictate our transportation routes and help us dodge traffic. GPS service makes our drive more efficient. VoIP does the same thing—phone systems record the traffic patterns of your business’ calls. Meaning, you can track your busiest call times of the day, who picks up the phone and dials out most frequently, and how long your employees stay on the phone. Ultimately, VoIP keeps everyone on task with your business’ goals.


Our phones keep us up to date with absolutely everything: every app, every appointment, every timer, and every alarm. Your phone system could keep up with your schedule just as well as your cell does. As soon as your business closes or one of your employees steps out for lunch, your phone system should be smart enough to re-rout calls accordingly.


The ability to access to the web wherever we are allows us to work from virtually anywhere, whether from a satellite office or from beach-destination vacation. Your hosted voice solution keeps this in mind. When your phone system is hosted in the almighty cloud, you’re free to make changes to your phone preferences from virtually anywhere. It's also kinder to your budget, because unlike a traditional provider, VoIP functions through the internet service you already have in place. Don't believe us? Check out our VoIP Cost-Savings Analysis for some number crunching.

Social Media

Social media gives us the freedom to express opinions, pose questions, and introduce new ideas in 140 characters or less. The idea is simply to stay connected. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrations connect you better and faster with your clients by automatically accessing your CRM data on that client as they call in.

Dialing Apps

Of course, it would be ridiculous to compare VoIP services to smartphones without actually having a smart phone app ourselves. The TeleVoIPs app makes it easy to make calls from your business number virtually anywhere, while enjoying all the same advanced features you do in your office!

Let TeleVoIPs Make Your Office Smarter

We have grown so accustomed to the accessibility our smart phones provide us with that we can hardly imagine society’s return to the antiquated flip phone. Our VoIP phone systems are designed to work specifically for your business—the personalized capabilities VoIP brings to our clients and and could bring to yours are invaluable in today’s ever-evolving business world.

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