Business Continuity

Gone are the days of depending on a single thread of copper wire to handle your voice communications. Reliable communication systems are critical in any business, and with TeleVoIPs’ innovative platform, all of your enterprise comms are fully redundant with no single point of failure. When disaster strikes, TeleVoIPs autonomously activates its auto-failover mechanisms to keep you connected with customers.

Telephony Continuity Scenarios:

  • Dual Wan Auto Failover – TeleVoIPs is compatible with Dual WAN Optimized firewalls that will sense an internet outage and failover to a backup internet source. TeleVoIPs provides 4G LTE Backup internet connections with Public Static IPs that can support up to 30 network devices.
  • Disaster Redirect – Instantly reroute calls to another office location or to external lines. Calls can be queued and sent to Multiple Cell Phones in a complete outage scenario.
  • Automated Answering Service Failover – TeleVoIPs services can be integrated with Answering Services to provide an automated live failover to answering service agents.

Our business continuity services for VoIP solutions are available for Tampa, St.Pete, Sarasota, the state of Florida, and all 48 domestic states.

“After losing revenue from missed calls I decided I had enough. That’s when I found TeleVoIPs and I knew this was the company my business was needing. Now I don’t lose any calls because messages go to my email. I’m alerted of a voice message in my email where I can access from my phone 24-7 If I’m not in the office. My business is important to me and customer service is my main priority. Try calling your phone company, then try TeleVoIPs. With TeleVoIPs, when you call you get a live representative on the line each time…not a 30 minute hold like most phone companies. I highly recommend you switch to digital phone service from TeleVoIPs. I did and love it!”

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