Case Study: AXA Communications | TeleVoIPS

Case Study: AXA Communications

TeleVoIPs was able to reduce AXA’s clients’ phone bills by an average of over 25% while increasing tech support response time, one call issue resolution percentages, and positive SimpleSat reviews for excellent customer satisfaction.


TeleVoIPs’ partner AXA Communications had been providing many different phone systems to their clients, but were also fielding an increasing number of inquiries for switching to an upgraded, hosted VoIP solution. AXA didn’t want to utilize a white-label partner, so they went looking for a local VoIP provider they could trust to assist them with the upgrades.

The Challenge:

AXA needed to find a reliable partner that could handle a high volume of upgrades. They were having a hard time finding the right fit for their clients. A white-label solution wasn’t going to work, as AXA preferred a relationship with a provider that was visible to their customers. AXA needed an accountable, trustworthy, and competent partner with support personnel they could count on who wouldn’t point fingers if clients experienced issues.

The Action:

TeleVoIPs met with AXA and explained how they operate – primarily a referral business through other companies in the industry.

They invited AXA to their office, introduced them to the entire team, and discussed the following points:

  • AXA wanted to “test the waters” of TeleVoIPs’ service at their own office first.
  • In order to preserve their own reputation, they wanted to experience TeleVoIPs customer service firsthand before allowing them to service their own clients.
  • AXA was skeptical of white-labeling relationships and required a provider who is accountable and visible to the customers.
  • AXA needed to utilize hosted telephony, texting, faxing, call recording, and mobile app services.

The Result:

After satisfying AXA at their home office with first-class customer service, TeleVoIPs was able to offer AXA’s clients new phones and service that was better priced than their previous phone vendor. They were also able to take over all of the troubleshooting and administration of AXA’s clients’ phone systems – freeing them up to concentrate on other work-related matters and not worry about the phones anymore.

  • TeleVoIPs began implementing the following upgrades / process improvements for AXA clients:
  • TeleVoIPs began the process of talking to the clients to figure out exactly what they needed.
  • They then took care of all hardware and deployment.
  • TeleVoIPs implemented new VoIP phone services and rate plans that reduced AXA’s clients’ phone bills by over 25% on average.
  • AXA utilized TeleVoIPs to host – minimizing the effort for their customers as well as downtime / interruption to service, and creating a hands-free experience.

As a result of this mutually beneficial relationship, over 10% of all of AXA Communications clients are now also TeleVoIPs clients – and that number is expected to grow to 15% in 2022.

Senjic said, “There are many interruptions during the workday, especially when technology doesn’t work properly – and many of these problems can be avoided if you have a partner that really watches over and takes care of you. TeleVoIPs seems to have that exact mentality and business philosophy.”