Case Study on BlueGrace Logistics | TeleVoIPS

BlueGrace Logistics: Efficient Service With a Personal Touch

Founded in 2009 with just 24 employees, BlueGrace Logistics has become one of North America’s fastest growing transportation management companies, providing shipping solutions to over 10,000 customers. The switch to TeleVoIPs phone service in 2013 cut BlueGrace’s monthly communications bill in half, enabling them to make significant investments in new technology to maintain their position as a cutting-edge logistics company. Since then, the company has grown its team to over 500 employees in 11 locations nationwide.


BlueGrace had a high call volume and the company’s receptionists were responsible for manually routing all calls that came into the main number, slowing the process of getting a client to the proper point of contact.


BlueGrace worked closely with the TeleVoIPs’ team to implement an accurate IVR that correctly routes calls automatically, while reducing the number of calls sent to receptionists by 50%.

Leadership’s Need for More Visibility

BlueGrace knew that they’d outgrown the process of manually transferring every call that came into their main phone numbers. To maintain their continued growth, they needed to allow their receptionists to prioritize in-person visitors. Funneling all of headquarters’ calls into one well-organized menu would dramatically streamline the company’s telephone operations. The first step in implementing BlueGrace’s IVR was making sure their leadership had an in-depth understanding of their call volume and flow. TeleVoIPs’ advanced call stats provided the insight BlueGrace needed to recognize how many inbound calls they received and manually transferred elsewhere (sometimes several times). It gave leadership a clear understanding of average handle time and wait time prior to implementing the IVR.

A Team Effort

BlueGrace’s team worked closely with TeleVoIPs to analyze their inbound call data and carefully plan the IVR’s scripts and messages to ensure no client would have to spend a long time getting to their desired destination. In less than a month, start to finish, BlueGrace’s bi-level, personalized IVR was put into place with an option to be sent back to the receptionist if the caller needed.

Improved Call Flow and Smoother Transitions

After three months, BlueGrace’s IVR effectively cut their receptionists’ call volume by 50%, significantly reducing the number of times a client is transferred and improving the customer experience. The BlueGrace leadership team now has access to their detailed call stats and can see the positive results of this project displayed in visual graphs. They can easily track the number and duration of inbound calls for each and every department.

BlueGrace’s call stats improve management’s visibility of company phone usage while their IVR dramatically simplifies their call flow. They have reduced the amount of human error involved by ensuring clients are sent to the correct place with a single touch. BlueGrace’s communication system prepares them for even more of the rapid growth and positive customer experiences they continue to strive for.