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Case Study on Brandon Legal Group

Since 2008, Brandon Legal Group has been working to elevate the quality of legal representation and services for clients throughout Tampa Bay. The firm has grown, shifted, and restructured over the last decade in order to serve a larger geographical client base and needed a communication system robust enough to support them.

Transitioning Away from Antiquated Technology

In 2015, Brandon Legal Group recognized that their legacy telephone system didn’t have the feature set they needed to operate efficiently as they grew. It was difficult for them to get ahold of customer support and get issues resolved when they arose. Switching to TeleVoIPs was a more cost-effective solution that gave Brandon Legal Group’s leadership team confidence that their system would be far more functional and fully supported when it came to customer service. Most importantly, it provided a way to integrate the firm’s four attorneys and larger supporting staff who needed to be able to work from four different offices as well as several remote locations and home offices.

Automating Call Flow

As Brandon Legal Group restructured their firm to position it for geographical growth, they continued to operate with only one receptionist with higher-level responsibilities than simply routing calls. Their phone system has helped her seamlessly transfer clients to the correct point of contact using BLF keys that show who is on the phone and who is available in all their locations. An auto-attendant assists their receptionist by routing calls client calls and ensuring they reach their destination sooner:


TeleVoIPs’ focus on customizing call flow for Brandon Legal Group didn’t leave out their remote employees or contractors. Implementing mobile apps for those working outside the office like attorneys on call allowed for taking 24/7 emergency client and criminal defense calls without ever having to give out personal cell phone numbers. The firm also issued a mobile app to their collections and billing contractor who can now call out from the office’s phone number although he works remotely.


Brandon Legal Group’s dated telecom system lacked the flexibility necessary to support their growing, multi-location law firm.


TeleVoIPs’ custom communication platform integrated all of Brandon Legal Group’s locations seamlessly so their staff could better serve their clients.


Creating a Seamless Client Experience & Scaling Up

As Brandon Legal Group grows and continues to serve even more of the greater Tampa Bay area, they will bring new attorneys onto the team knowing the TeleVoIPs system will scale with their needs. They have the day-to-day support necessary to maintain a growing business and communication system: “Since our original onboarding, we have utilized the support networking in varying ways. No matter the circumstance, support is very quick to respond—today a change I wanted to make to a ring group was completed within three minutes.” Brandon Legal Group is proud to provide an excellent customer experience by forming personal relationships between client and attorney—their phone system ensures everyone who calls in will be cared for professionally and attended to quickly, no matter which location they call into.