Case Study on CIO TECH | TeleVoIPS

CIO Tech’s Transformational Journey with TeleVoIPs

TeleVoIPs’ partner CIO Tech is a technology consulting firm founded in 2010 that provides customized IT solutions and consulting services to help businesses optimize their technology and increase operational efficiency. They have grown their client base and reputation by delivering innovative IT solutions across various industries.

P A R T N E R S H I P :

  • CIO Tech and TeleVoIPs have been partners since 2018 showcasing a long-standing and trusted relationship.
  • Together they have transformed and enhanced the business communications of their shared customers.
  • TeleVoIPs Wireless service ensures CIO Tech’s commitment to exceptional customer service for after-hours and on-call while reporting and dashboard visibility provide valuable insights.

This case study explores how TeleVoIPs addressed CIO Techs communication challenges & implemented advanced solutions allowing them to achieve new milestones in operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

C H A L L E N G E :

CIO Tech faced challenges related to understanding their specific call flow details which resulted in occasional issues with rollover after-hour calls. They also needed more insight to their data & analytics.

A C T I O N  &  R E S U L T :

TeleVoIPs upgraded CIO Tech to the new TeleVoIPs V2 platform. This introduced a range of new features that have left a lasting impact on their business operations. It ensured that CIO Tech’s team responsible for after-hour roll-over queues could answer calls with a live person at any time, aligning with their commitment to exceptional customer service.

CIO Tech emphasized the importance of clear communication and detailed collaboration to overcome such challenges. They recognized that every business operates uniquely, and vendor-client alignment is essential for success. The following are some additional benefits from the upgrade to the V2 platform.


Afterhours On Call:

  • Seamless after-hours roll-over queues ensure live person responses 24/7.
  • Exceptional customer service maintained during business and non-business hours.

TeleVoIPs Wireless:

  • Its integration enhances call quality and reliability.
  • Ensures clear and uninterrupted communication for CIO Tech’s team.

Analytics and Integrations:

  • Advanced reporting and dashboard visibility provide actionable insights.
  • Integration capabilities that bring multiple analytics tools such as Bright Gauge Dashboards in a single interface.


T H E  U P G R A D E  T O  T E L E V O I P S  V 2 : D R I V I N G  C H A N G E

The TeleVoIPs V2 platform provides enhanced reporting and dashboard visibility giving CIO Tech valuable insights into their communication and service metrics. This has enabled them to make data-driven decisions and enhance overall efficiency. Additionally, the transition to using a web based phone has simplified communication for CIO Tech’s Service Team. They no longer need to spend time manipulating physical desk phones resulting in improved workflow and productivity.

R E A D Y  F O R  A  C O M M U N I C A T I O N  R E V O L U T I O N ?  C H O O S E  T E L E V O I P S  T O D A Y !

In conclusion, the upgrade to the V2 platform has marked a pivotal moment in CIO Tech’s journey, significantly driving their transformation. It has addressed pain points, streamlined communication, and positioned them for success. The partnership between CIO Tech and TeleVoIPs continues to thrive, exemplifying the importance of selecting the right communication solution provider to drive business excellence. CIO Tech’s experience with TeleVoIPs serves as a testament to the transformative power of modern communication technology.