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Phonism: A Scalable System for a Growing Startup

Phonism launched to help service providers streamline the onboarding and support processes for VoIP phones. Just a year-and-a-half after launch, the startup has been on the fast track to growth, raising $350,000 in seed funding and expanding their team from two to seven. They’re anticipating to hire at least three new team members by the end of the year.

Focusing on Future Growth

As a tech startup, Phonism is keen on managing and designing most of their own technology, so prior to transitioning to TeleVoIPs, they used a home-grown phone system. In order to stay focused on growth, though, they recognized the need to offload this responsibility to experts. Now, they have all the basic features they need: high definition voice quality, multiple lines, and call menus. They chose TeleVoIPs knowing they would need access to more advanced features as the company’s departments expanded and their call volume increased.


Managing their own phone system took up much of Phonism’s valuable time, and prevented them from working as efficiently as they needed to on growing their company.


TeleVoIPs was able to take care of managing Phonism’s communication system, allowing them to focus completely on building their business.


When choosing their new phone system, Phonism realized they needed a scalable phone system that would be able to grow with them. Phonism plans to expand their sales and support teams, potentially adding several remote employees, and will need to make use of their more advanced phone features to simplify their internal and external communications.


Travel is a large part of a startup’s routine, and the Phonism team can now work from their office phones even when they’re out of office by using their TeleVoIPs mobile app. Making and taking dozens of calls on every trip (from their business phone number) ensures that new opportunities never slip through the cracks, even when the whole team is away at an expo or tradeshow.


Phonism says the biggest benefit of using the TeleVoIPs system has been the freedom from managing their own system, and being able to pass the job to true experts. Stress has been taken off the startup’s shoulders, and their full attention is now turned to the areas of the business that matter most.

As Phonism moves from the startup stage to a successful, established tech company, they will have the ability to streamline their communication processes with their leads and customers. They’ll also have all the freedom they need to grow without worrying about their phone system.