Case Study on Seibert Insurance Agency | TeleVoIPS

Seibert Insurance: Flexibility & Reliability for an Evolving Agency

Seibert Insurance Agency has been providing a broad range of insurance options to the Tampa Bay area since 1971. The agency is constantly seeking to grow and change, even more so after onboarding several remote employees. To accommodate an evolving company structure, the Seibert team needed a reliable, flexible communication system.


Seibert’s phone provider was inconsistent and lacked flexibility. They needed a reliable system that could provide a better customer and employee experience.


A business phone system that’s high quality and versatile enough to go anywhere ensures Seibert’s customers are always cared for, no matter where their team works.

Reliable Phone Service, Top-Notch Customer Service

Prior to transitioning to TeleVoIPs’ phone service, Seibert’s provider was spotty and inconsistent, which sent them on the hunt for a phone company that wouldn’t hold them back as they grew. They were looking for a system with reliable service to ensure quality communication with their clients every day. Since their switch to TeleVoIPs, they’ve enjoyed always-on HD voice quality alongside a personal level of customer care they couldn’t find in a big-name company.

As an insurance agency, Seibert recognizes the importance of preparing for anything. That’s why they chose a phone company with an advanced backup and disaster recovery plan. Now, even if they lose power or internet, their phone service stays up. Seibert’s DR plan with TeleVoIPs automatically reroutes calls to other destinations, and allows their whole team to work remotely in the event of an emergency.

Anywhere Service for Always-On Employees

When TeleVoIPs custom designed Seibert’s phone system, they provided a number of features aimed at giving them the flexibility they needed to work from home, or from anywhere. Desk and non-desk employees both benefitted from voicemail-to-email transcription and can now easily read their work voicemails from their desktop, laptop, or cell phone.

The Seibert team also uses the TeleVoIPs mobile app to take and make calls from their office’s number using their cell phones. Their employees working from home can easily transfer calls, participate in conference calls, and operate in an environment where they’re not tied to a desk. As Seibert continues to evolve and grow, they know their phone system will flex and scale to suit their communication needs.