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Ideal Agent’s Success with TeleVoIPs Business SMS

Steve Johnston, the founder of IDEAL AGENT®, has a strong foundation in real estate that traces back to his childhood. During the ’70s and ’80s, his mother owned Century 21 offices in South Florida. In today’s tech-driven era, selling real estate has become more demanding, with the average commission set at 6%. IDEAL AGENT® works in collaboration with agents from various brands, improving their businesses and providing benefits for both consumers and agents. They help clients save money by listing for just 2%, offering a more cost-effective solution in the competitive real estate market.


  • Ideal Agent and TeleVoIPs formed a strategic collaboration to boost communication efficiency within Ideal Agent’s operations.
  • TeleVoIPs SMS solution was integrated into Ideal Agent’s CRM system, facilitating the seamless management of client interactions.
  • The collaboration between Ideal Agent and TeleVoIPs demonstrates a commitment to leveraging innovative solutions for improved business performance.

This case study shows how IDEAL AGENT® used TeleVoIPs SMS to improve efficiency and client satisfaction.

C H A L L E N G E :

Ideal Agent faced a challenge where their CRM lacked a comprehensive communication trail for SMS interactions with clients and partner agents. This led to inefficiencies as staff had to manually copy and paste communications into client notes, resulting in lost context and disjointed communication threads.

A C T I O N S  T A K E N :

Ideal Agent turned to TeleVoIPs for a solution. Leveraging the TeleVoIPs SMS API, they integrated incoming and outgoing SMS messages directly into their CRM system. This integration enabled staff to send and receive SMS messages seamlessly within the CRM platform ensuring all conversations were stored in one centralized location.

R E S U L T S :

The integration of TeleVoIPs SMS solution into Ideal Agent’s CRM system resulted in significant improvements. Staff no longer had to manually copy and paste communication, saving valuable time and effort. Moreover, the integration of communication channels enhanced visibility and context, leading to a more streamlined and efficient workflow. By creating a Unified Messaging solution, TeleVoIPs enabled Ideal Agent to enhance their communication capabilities and provide a better experience for both clients and partner agents.

G E T   R E A D Y   T O   E L E V A T E   Y O U R   C O M M U N I C A T I O N   G A M E   W I T H   T E L E V O I P S   S M S!

Ideal Agent has overcome communication barriers, resulting in streamlined processes, improved productivity, and enhanced client satisfaction. The seamless integration of SMS capabilities into their CRM system has not only transformed day-to-day operations but has also positioned Ideal Agent for future growth and innovation. This partnership underscores the importance of adopting innovative communication solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. As Ideal Agent continues to leverage TeleVoIPs Business SMS for its operations, it remains ready for continued success in the competitive real estate industry.