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ConnectWise Integration

Businesses can strengthen relationships and increase sales opportunities!

Our TeleVoIPs Integration for ConnectWise allows businesses to combine their VoIP service data with customer data stored in the CRM system. This integration brings enhanced functionalities for businesses that use both TeleVoIPs and ConnectWise CRM.

When an incoming call is received by a user, TeleVoIPs retrieves the phone number (DID) from the phone system, initiates the opening of a fresh tab in Google Chrome, and proceeds to automatically initiate a search within ConnectWise to provide more details associated with the provided phone number (DID). The call pops with TeleVoIPs can be likened to an amplified version of caller ID.

Help sales and support teams to deliver personalized services!

Experience the power of streamlined communication, click-to-dial capability, and real-time caller information all in one CRM Platform with TeleVoIPs.

TeleVoIPs for ConnectWise

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