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Need to build a stronger customer relationship and close deals faster? Our TeleVoIPs integration for HubSpot is your key to success. HubSpot is a powerful solution for businesses to increase their sales, marketing, and customer service activities. When combined with TeleVoIPs, it can unlock a new level of efficiency and productivity.

Here are key features for our TeleVoIPs HubSpot Integration:
  • Click-to-Call: Initiate phone calls directly from HubSpot with a simple click on a contact’s phone number.
  • Call Logging: Automatically log call data, such as call duration, date, time, and call outcome, within the relevant HubSpot CRM contact record.
  • Screen Pop: The relevant customer information stored in HubSpot, such as the caller’s name, contact details, purchase history, and support tickets.
  • Call Recordings: Store call recordings directly in HubSpot to review and analyze customer interactions.

    Call Analytics and Reporting: Access all detailed call analytics and reports, enabling users to track call activity, monitor call performance, and measure ROI.

Better Accountability and Productivity to grow your business!

This integration will bring together communication and customer data in an efficient manner and help your business to improve customer service, increase productivity, and gain valuable insights into your customers’ behavior, ultimately leading to enhanced overall performance and success.

TeleVoIPs for HubSpot

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