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Because Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) utilizes the internet you already have to operate your phones, it’s the budget-friendly alternative to a traditional phone system. We’re bringing the Jacksonville area a customized set of advanced features to take your communication to the next level:

Our phones are designed just for your office with the capacity to transcribe your voicemails directly to your email inbox, answer calls when you can’t, and automatically transfer or re-rout overflow calls to a different phone extension or an alternate office.

“If you are looking for reliable phone service, TeleVoIPs is it. The technology and reliability has been great and their customer service and support team is phenomenal! From owner to tech, I always have the ability to reach out for answers. As my business grows, TeleVoIPs will be there with us every step of the way. I consider them an integral part of our team and I highly recommend them for your business phone needs.”

-Jeff Lavallee, owner of Logistics Worldwide, Jacksonville

We’ll also give you the ability to Take your Jacksonville business across the globe with you—right on your cell phone.

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The TeleVoIPs team provides local, 24-hour customer care that can’t be matched by our large-scale competitors. Strong communication builds a strong business, so we’ll be by your side to help you, and your business, grow.

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