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Mitel 6900 IP Desk Phone series is now supported by TeleVoIPs!

TeleVoIPs is pleased to announce Mitel’s flagship 6900 series IP Desk phones are now fully supported by TeleVoIPs.

Extend your investment

The Mitel 6900 IP series is a powerful suite of desk phones with advanced features and crystal-clear audio. TeleVoIPs has made the transition seamless for current users of the Mitel 6900 series IP desk phones from legacy platforms. Supported Models in the series are the 6920, 6920t, 6930, 6930t, 6930Lt, 6940t, and the 6940 IP Desktop phone.

Mitel 6900 IP Series Phone

The Mitel 6900 series requires SIP Firmware 6.2 or higher for complete TeleVoIPs compatibility. This upgrade is handled during the TeleVoIPs onboarding process and enables many of the features you are already familiar with such as Visual Parking, Visual Voicemail, and Hot Desking. A TeleVoIPs powered Mitel 6900 IP Phone provides user log in and log out for shift working or hybrid work for home users.


  • Flexible and delivers high-quality communication.
  • Premium HD audio that has a speech-optimized handset and a high-quality full-duplex speakerphone.
  • USB Headset support and analog headset that is flexible to fit your needs.


  • Speech-optimized headset and full-duplex speakerphone designed to provide you with exceptional HD audio.
  • Bluetooth, USB, and analog headsets that will fit all your needs along with a USB Mobile phone charging point.
  • Calls to your mobile phone can be answered just like any other call on MiVoice 6930 by integrating both devices and syncing all phone call audio and contact information.

If you need any assistance on how to use the Mitel 6920 IP Phone and Mitel 6930 IP Phone, TeleVoIPs now provides a user guideline with all the support you need by clicking the link below or just call us at 813.655.5100 or email us at [email protected]

Click here for the Mitel 6920 IP Phone User Guide

Click here for the Mitel 6930 IP Phone User Guide

Hot desking brings a more flexible work environment!

Give employees the freedom to choose their workspace. Say goodbye to extensive reconfigurations and hardware moves. With new technology, the hot-desking feature is an opportunity for organizations to offer remote work options while reducing physical office expenses. This new highlight for the Mitel 6900 IP Series benefits the organization along with its’ employees, driving further success.

How does it work?

Employees can take whatever desk is available and log in to the Mitel desk phone with their credentials provided by the TeleVoIPs. Hot desking with the addition of our softphone applications creates a more flexible work environment for remote users or for employees who work away from their desks, like sales or management departments.

Key Features:

  • Take your line to any available desk in the office and simply log in with your extension
  • Settings configured for your line include speed dial, call forwarding, extension presence, Follow Me, and call history.


Any change in the settings while you are logging in to your hot desking phone, it will atomically be saved. If you log in to a different phone the last setting you changed will be recalled.

The call history on the desk phone will be your call history while you’re signed in. Before logging in, the phone will show all the call history for all the users on that phone.

Visual Park

Visual Park is the new feature in the Mitel 6900 series that allows you to see who is on park with all the information you need such as the name of the client and phone number. You can see how long they have been waiting in the parking lot, send them to voicemail or send it to someone’s extension who is available to help. If multiple calls are waiting in the parking lot, you can view the list of callers and select the person you would like to speak to.

Visual Voicemail

Visual voicemail provides all the important key functions of each call you get. All the administration features you have for voicemail are now all visual on the screen. When you open your voicemail, you will see when it was received, the length of the message, important messages marked as urgent, and who requested a callback. In addition, you can forward the message if someone else needs to listen to it. This is beneficial for call centers or employees who receive many calls per day.

Key Feature:

  • Save time by looking at the message’s information listed on the screen or by reading the transcription rather than listening to the whole audio message.

Learn more by checking our Mitel training video that shows how to control the park and voicemail feature.

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