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TeleVoIPs V2 Platform Upgrade

TeleVoIPs’ partner Symmetric IT Group, established in 2008, is an IT solutions provider for small and medium-sized businesses. Symmetric specializes in Managed IT Services, Information Security, Business Continuity, Enterprise Solutions, and Co-Managed IT Solutions. Symmetric IT Group offers affordable, enterprise-level solutions to ensure their clients' success.

P A R T N E R S H I P  D Y N A M I C S

  • Since 2015, Symmetric IT Group has partnered with TeleVoIPs, signifying a long-standing and successful relationship.
  • TeleVoIPs & Symmetric IT Group work together to serve their mutual clients using a customer-centric approach.
  • For their mutual customers, installations and implementations of services are coordinated between Symmetric IT Group and TeleVoIPs to ensure seamless integration and minimal disruption.

T H E  C H A L L E N G E

As the IT industry rapidly evolves, maintaining cutting-edge communication technology becomes crucial for companies like Symmetric IT Group. Recognizing the growing need for more advanced, user-friendly, and integrated communication solutions, Symmetric IT Group turned to TeleVoIPs for a solution.

A C T I O N S  T A K E N :

  • Strategic Planning: TeleVoIPs and Symmetric IT Group collaborated to create a detailed upgrade plan to the V2 platform that ensured minimal disruption to daily operations.
  • Data Migration: Once a plan was in place, the TeleVoIPs technical team made sure that all current call flow and data was in place for the V2 transition.
  • Training and Support: Comprehensive training sessions were provided to Symmetric IT Group’s staff to acquaint them with the new features and functionalities of the V2 platform interface.
  • Continuous Feedback Loop: An ongoing feedback mechanism was established to address any issues promptly and to make necessary adjustments for optimal performance.


R E S U L T S :

  • Symmetric IT Group gained the ability to refine call handling allowing them to do things such as preventing an agent or employee's extension from ringing while they are engaged in another
    call. This enhancement in call management diminishes distractions as well as elevates the overall user experience.
  • The mobile and web apps provided in V2 were also key benefits for Symmetric IT Group. They allowed them to open various communication channels and work effectively with their colleagues and customers.
  • The ability to review call recordings and track data has been particularly helpful for their sales and marketing efforts. It has enabled them to improve their processes and customer
    interactions. The TeleVoIPs spam call blocking feature is also an essential tool for them that has significantly reduced unwanted interruptions and ensures an efficient communication environment.



In conclusion, the partnership between Symmetric IT Group and TeleVoIPs showcases the power of collaboration in optimizing communication and operational efficiency. The case study demonstrates the importance of selecting a flexible and feature-rich communication solution to meet the evolving needs of businesses.