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Salesforce Integration

Enhance your business’s productivity and efficiency with the revolutionary TeleVoIPs Salesforce CRM Integration.

TeleVoIPs Salesforce CRM integration offers a powerful combination that enhances communication and customer relationship management capabilities to deliver exceptional customer experience and drive growth. Here are some key features of integrating with TeleVoIPs Salesforce Integration system:

  • Click-to-Call: The integration offers a convenient click-to-call feature, enabling users to initiate calls directly from Salesforce by simply clicking on a phone number. This eliminates the need to dial manually, saving time and ensuring accurate dialing.
  • Real-time Call Analytics: This provides real-time call analytics, empowering managers to monitor call volumes, call durations, and customer wait times. These insights enable data-driven decisions for optimizing team performance and customer service.

  • Screen Pop-ups: When a call comes in, customer information from Salesforce is automatically displayed on the agent’s screen, providing context and enabling personalized interactions.

  • Call Logging: Call details, such as call duration, and outcome are automatically recorded and saved ensuring accurate and up-to-date call history.

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By streamlining communication processes and providing deeper customer insights, TeleVoIPs empowers organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive growth.

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