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Switch to the TeleVoIPs Partner Program and Start Earning 18% Commission for the Life of the Client

The Problem with Reselling VoIP


For IT and managed service providers, white labeling a VoIP product can drain your team’s resources, drastically shrinking the supposed profit margin of reselling a phone system and service. After your sales team pitches and closes, your project team implements, installs, builds call flow and tediously ports in phone numbers, then, your support team becomes responsible for managing and troubleshooting someone else’s product. For Big Sur Technologies, one of our Tampa-based IT partners, the worst part of their VoIP experience was constantly interfacing with the carrier company for system-related issues. The transition to becoming a TeleVoIPs partner was a game-changer for Big Sur.

"You can't be all things to all customers. When it comes to Voice Over IP, we offered the technology for 3 years. It's a very different platform than what we do as a managed service provider--and we're doing a lot of complicated things. Once the system was integrated, it was okay but we weren't willing to build our business operations around VoIP. We found that our customers on the VoIP system were underserved and it would be better to use a partner. Your whole team specializes in this solution and we've found the customers we bring to TeleVoIPs are very happy."

Low Margins, Complex Billing

Do you know your company’s net profit after labor and support hours (not to mention the communication taxes and fees) of onboarding a new VoIP client?

"I also felt like there were some challenges with running the VoIP business like all the different taxes, and complicated invoicing involved. We were using a large solutions provider that was supposed to have it down pat. They didn't have very good customer service at all. The manufacturer and distributor didn't have a value-add department for VoIP and it felt like we were constantly looking for answers and there was no one there to help." -Big Sur Technologies

Why Choose TeleVoIPs?

What if you could make big recurring commission without any of the selling, support, and resource drain of white labeling?

Unlike many national VoIP referral programs, The TeleVoIPs Partner Program pays you recurring commission for the lifetime of the client relationship (not just the first year). We fully sell, onboard, and support your clients with top-notch customer service. Rated A+ on the BBB and with impeccable Google Reviews, TeleVoIPs knows the importance of caring for your clients exactly the way you do.


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