Are Softphones Right for You?

As opposed to the traditional “hard” physical phone that sits on your desk, a softphone is a digital version of your work phone. The TeleVoIPs softphone allows you to take your business anywhere your cell or computer goes and can be used as a substitute or an on-the-go supplement for a desk phone.


There’s an App for That

A simple download from your smartphone’s app store allows you to take your business phone just about anywhere with cell service or WiFi.

  • Make and take calls using your business phone number
  • Send and receive business texts
  • Park and transfer calls
  • View who is on the phone and who is not
  • Check voicemail and call history

Sign up for TeleVoIPs hosted phone service and enjoy our mobile app as an included perk.

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Desktop Application

The TeleVoIPs softphone for computers doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed. Simply open your favorite Internet browser and go to log into your phone from anywhere! Add a USB headset to any computer and handle your business calls with a click of the mouse.

Ready to Try It?

We think the freedom to work from home, from across the country, or from just outside of your office is essential to success. That’s why we designed the TeleVoIPs softphone to help you do business more efficiently no matter where you (or your employees) are.

If you’re looking to implement another softphone on the market, simply let us know! We integrate with many of them.

You could go with one of the other companies out there, or you could save yourself the hassle and go straight to 100% satisfied.

– Jeff Venn, FL

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