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How to Maximize Your McLeod Software Investment With TeleVoIPs Integrations

Speed and agility are critical when it comes to meeting modern logistics demands. The average consumer wants fast, reliable transportation for their purchases, and if your company fails to meet expectations, your team must be prepared to provide accurate information and updates.

As if logistics management wasn’t complicated enough, transportation and 3PL companies have faced significant setbacks over the past few years. The pandemic sparked supply chain disruptions stemming from higher border security, difficulty sourcing materials, and more. Fortunately, transportation companies can become more agile and flexible with the right digital tools.

A recent survey reported that 61% of supply chain professionals say technology is a source of competitive advantage, so it’s clear that digital transformation isn’t slowing down in the logistics industry. In this blog, we’ll discuss the communication challenges today’s transportation companies face and how a McLeod and TeleVoIPs integration can help your team get more done.


What Communication Challenges Do Transportation Companies Face?

Many 3PL businesses struggle to maintain effective communications as supply chain management becomes more complex. By tackling the following challenges, you can resolve communication problems faster.

Communication Delays

Timely communication between your suppliers, employees, and customers is a must. Communication delays can cause a cascade of issues across the supply chain, lowering employee productivity and hurting your bottom line. Mobile solutions and collaboration tools like instant messaging can help your entire team stay on the same page with real-time communication. Bonus points if these integrate with your transportation and freight brokerage software for an all-in-one solution.

Data Security

Transportation companies often handle sensitive information on both the consumer and supplier sides. Relying on high-traffic networks to send data can expose your network to cyber security risks, especially if communications are traveling across borders for international cargo. Partnering with a secure, reliable voice technology provider is key for protecting your critical communications – and keeping sensitive information away from cyber criminals.

Workflow Complexity

Typically, logistics communication involves complex coordination among several teams within a transportation company. With so many different pieces to keep track of, one misstep can cause a series of disruptions. Modern communication solutions are designed to help your employees automate tasks to keep workflows moving smoothly and on schedule.

Lack of Insights

Improving customer relationships and sales can be tough without comprehensive insights into your communications. Reporting solutions can help you compare efficiency between departments and users and easily export data to your own software or CRM, so you can make data-driven decisions about how to improve communications.


How Do TeleVoIPs Integrations Enhance Your McLeod Software?

If you’ve invested in McLeod transportation and freight brokerage management software, you’re likely already aware of the powerful benefits these systems provide logistics companies. As the market leader in transportation management software, McLeod serves over 1,200 active customers throughout North America.

TeleVoIPs helps businesses get more value from their McLeod software investments – such as LoadMaster and PowerBroker – as a McLeod Certified Integration Partner. By integrating your McLeod software with your VoIP phone system, you can ensure your employees work as efficiently as possible.

Here are the advantages a McLeod and TeleVoIPs integration can provide your business:


TeleVoIPs integration makes McLeod phone numbers clickable – directly from the user dashboard. All your employees have to do is find and select the number they wish to dial. Their TeleVoIPs desk phone or softphone will automatically make the call, which employees can then handle through their McLeod dashboard.

Click-to-dial enables your team to make calls faster in a convenient platform that they’re already familiar with. This feature also reduces human error and boosts efficiency.

Screen Pops

With screen pops, your employees can have a client’s file ready even before they’ve answered the phone. Our McLeod software integration equips your team with a preview of client records as your clients call in. When numbers stored in your database call, your team can view a new window or tab with that caller’s McLeod record rather than searching for the file after answering the phone.

Streamline Your Communications with TeleVoIPs Integrations

Communications don’t stop in the 3PL industry, which is why a reliable business phone system is a top priority for many transportation companies.

At TeleVoIPs, we’re committed to helping transportation and 3PL providers streamline communications with reliable, scalable services, advanced management tools, and highly-skilled support.

We customize our communication solutions to meet your unique needs with popular features that include:

  • Virtual Switchboard – Improve customer service and give your management team a better handle on company call flow from your web browser.
  • Advanced Call Stats – Track efficiency and productivity using visual call data and granular search criteria.
  • Fully-Integrated Mobile App – Equip your work-from-anywhere employees with all the functionality of your TeleVoIPs platform on iOS and Android.
  • Queue Callback – Allow customers to opt into receiving a call back instead of waiting on hold without losing their place in line.
  • Call Center Features – Manage high call volumes with ease and analyze call center data and performance.
  • Dynamic Call Queues – Add or remove extensions from ring groups as needed with dynamic call queues.
  • Automatic Failover – Ensure your phone system is always on and connected with a variety of disaster recovery options.

We’ve worked hard to perfect the features we designed to support logistics communications, but we are especially proud of our service-focused approach to supporting our customers. We strive to be there for your business every step of the way, with personalized support and white-glove service.

Trust TeleVoIPs to deliver:

  • 24/7 support from our local, U.S.-based staff.
  • Straightforward, transparent pricing.
  • 13+ years of experience delivering superior voice solutions worldwide.
  • Tailored solutions that match your specific needs.
  • User-friendly apps and portals to easily manage your communications.

Contact TeleVoIPs today to learn more about our McLeod software integrations and see for yourself how we can help you make the most of your investment.





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