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Client Recording Instructions

Please record any and all recordings your call flow requires (including IVRS, Auto-Attendants, After-Hours Greetings and General Voicemail Messages). If you have any questions on what recordings are needed, reference your call-flow summary or reach out to us!

Tips & Tricks
  1. Make sure there is no background noise when making recordings.
  2. Always use a handset rather than speakerphone for the best voice quality.
  3. Typing out your greeting before recording helps you to avoid mistakes and needing to re-record.
  4. Always play your recording back to ensure you are happy with the results.
  5. Visit New Client Recordings for help writing different types of greetings.

How to Record Your Greetings:

    1. Ensure you know what recordings are needed and write scripts out in advance.
    2. Dial 877-617-5600 to begin recording.
    3. Record your message and press “#” when complete.

From here, you will be sent to the Message Recorded Menu. Make sure to listen to your message to approve or re-record it. 

  1. Press “2” to listen to your message. If you feel the need to re-record your message, press “3”. Repeat this step as needed.
  2. Press “1” to accept your recording.
  3. Repeat this process to submit ALL recordings.


If you’re in need of any assistance with your recordings or if you’d prefer a professional voice recording for any of the messages above, let us know! We can be reached at 800-249-1771.