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TeleVoIPs takes Zoho from CRM system to an all-in-one client communication solution. 

Make the most of Zoho’s CRM solution by integrating with our VoIP phone system. Store call histories and data in Zoho, easily open client records as calls come in, create a repository for call recordings, and dial your contacts with the click of a button. Learn how TeleVoIPs for Zoho provides robust analytics, improves efficiency and increases phone call ROI.


No need to punch in numbers! Our Virtual Switchboard integration makes your Zoho phone numbers clickable. Simply choose the contact you’d like to dial, click, and automatically call using your TeleVoIPs desk phone or softphone. Later, reference the time and date the call was made to that client if needed.

Screen Pops

Have a client’s file ready even before you answer the phone. Our virtual switchboard integration allows for a preview of your client records as they call in. Any number stored in Zoho that’s calling in will initiate a new window/tab with that caller’s Zoho record—no searching for the file after you’ve got them on the phone.

Automatic Call Logging

View all related call logs as part of your Zoho leads and contacts. Call duration, initiator, and even custom fields like call purpose can be stored as part of calls made through the TeleVoIPs-Zoho integration. For even deeper analytics that measure team performance, employ our Advanced Call Statistics.


Here When You Need Us

TeleVoIPs provides a level of customer care and support that’s unmatched by big VoIP and technology corporations. Our team of Florida-based engineers and VoIP experts know our clients by name and provide assistance in real time—no dialing an international call center, waiting on long holds, or escalating time and time again. When it comes to communication, employing TeleVoIPs for Zoho means that you have a local team available whenever you need us. We’re proud of what our clients have to say about us and would be proud to serve your clients too.

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