Customer Testimonial: A Deep Dive into TeleVoIPs Success Stories | TeleVoIPS

Customer Testimonial: A Deep Dive into TeleVoIPs Success Stories


At TeleVoIPs, our commitment to our clients is reflected in the tangible improvements they see in their daily operations. Here’s a closer look at how our VoIP solutions have empowered AXA Communication, Symmetric Group, and CIO Tech, driving significant enhancements in their business processes.

AXA Communication: Revolutionizing Customer Service

AXA Communication successfully enhanced its customer service experience through TeleVoIPs. This collaboration resulted in a reduction of AXA’s clients’ phone bills by over 25%, alongside notable improvements in tech support response times and resolution percentages. Seeking a reliable VoIP provider for upgrades without white labeling, AXA found an ideal match in TeleVoIPs. The company not only met AXA’s requirements but also provided top-notch service, offering better-priced phones and services. With TeleVoIPs this partnership facilitated a significant number of AXA’s clients transitioning to TeleVoIPs.

Symmetric IT Group: Enhancing Collaboration and Productivity

Symmetric Group prioritizes internal collaboration for success. They adopted the TeleVoIPs V2 platform for advanced communication solutions, minimizing disruption during the upgrade. Enhanced features like refined call handling and mobile/web apps improved efficiency. Comprehensive training and ongoing support facilitated smooth adoption. The decision-optimized communication enhances operational effectiveness for both companies and their clients.

CIO Tech: Streamlining Operations with Integrated Solutions

CIO Tech needed a robust communication system that could integrate seamlessly with their existing technology infrastructure. They upgraded to V2, ensuring 24/7 live responses and improved call quality. Advanced reporting and integrations provided actionable insights, boosting efficiency. V2 simplified communication with web-based phones, enhancing workflow. The upgrade marked a transformational moment, streamlining communication and positioning CIO Tech for success.


These stories from AXA Communication, Symmetric Group, and CIO Tech showcase the versatility and impact of TeleVoIPs solutions across different sectors. By understanding the unique needs of each business and providing tailored solutions, TeleVoIPs has helped these companies transform their communication strategies, leading to improved operations and enhanced business success.

Each success story underscores our commitment to not just meet, but exceed, our clients’ communication needs.
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