BlueGrace prides itself on being one of the most progressive, innovative, and best-in-class technology-driven transportation companies in the country, so it made perfect sense to up our telecommunications game by partnering with TeleVoIPs Hosted Voice. What TeleVoIPs brings to the table are leading-edge technologies, a customer-first approach, kid-glove treatment, and voice experts that pride themselves on making the user experience their number one priority. TeleVoIPs was also able to cut our communications bill by 50% monthly, enabling us to make significant IT-related investments to even further keep us on the pinnacle technologically speaking. We trust TeleVoIPs to manage our multi-state locations’ voice network and your business would be lucky to have them.

BlueGrace Logistics
Riverview, FL

TeleVoIPs has been superb. Their customer service is great. The techs there respond very quickly and go above and beyond to help.

We are a medical clinic, 2 doctors, and 24 employees. We had a 15 year old phone system so I knew that we were skating on thin ice, but I was hesitant to go to VOIP. It has been less than a month with the new system from TeleVoIPs and we could not be happier. Calls are crisp and clear, and we are loving the new features like; caller ID, call history, and the ability to have a contact list. The ease of changing messages when the office is closed for a holiday is one of my favorite features, it used to be such an impossible task – but now, our patients are kept up to date.

Allergy Associates
St. Petersburg, FL

Hybridge is a multi-site, 13 employee company in Florida. We were customers of Ring Central. Not only do we have better dedicated service from TeleVoIPs but the transition was seamless and the phone setup was completed by their staff onsite. I used to handle all of the changes to the phone tree and phones, but now my team just sends an email to Tele VoIPs and whatever change is needed, it’s done that day. The most impressive difference is we no longer have a lag when we transfer calls. I would recommend Tele VoIPs to any Ring Central customer especially if you are the person who handles the phones for your company.

Various Locations

Our firm recently switched to TeleVoIPs and we couldn’t be happier with the service. The phones were inexpensive and have every feature that we could possibly need. The lines are cheaper than we were paying with AT&T. During the setup process the entire staff at TeleVoIPs made themselves available immediately. We have offices in multiple counties and this system allows us to transfer a call to a different office as easy as it is within the same office. For the service it provides, TeleVoIPs is extremely reasonable. Any business who is unhappy with their phone system should switch to TeleVoIPs ASAP.

Falk & Falk Law Firm
Miami, FL